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His Banner Over Me Is Pursuing Love WORKBOOK Class

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His Banner Over Me Is Pursuing Love


An Intimate, Interactive Study of the Song of Solomon, Chapters 1 & 2


This life-transforming workbook by Kim K. Francis (c)2017 is available on Amazon and at Kim's Website

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Review on Amazon from Penny McAdams

 God will totally transform your life as He gently woos you to see Christ as your Spiritual Bridegroom and yourself as the cherished bride of Christ.

This workbook is both an expository and an experiential treatment of The Song of Songs. Kim K. Francis carefully lays out a biblical understanding of our oneness with Christ demonstrated in The Song verse by verse, word, by word, and concept by concept. She skillfully weaves together the text with word studies, cross references, Jewish culture, stories, personal illustrations, songs, movies, and thought-provoking questions.

Even if you have walked in the truths concerning your life in Christ for a long time, this study will pull together resources that will deeply enhance your experiential understanding of Christ’s love for you and your heart’s response to Him. She also clears up common misunderstandings of biblical passages too often heard in church.

Isn’t it true that we must become better receivers of God’s love so we can become better expressers of God’s love? You are in for a real adventure if you decide to pick up this book. Just so you know, it is very hard to lay it down!

Penny McAdams

President, Shepherd's Call