Bridal Grace

Bible Study

His Banner over Me Is Pursuing Love

Bridal Grace Group

His Banner over Me Is Pursuing Love


by Kim K. Francis

A 13-week study

Interactive, in-person group

at Shepherd's Call office, Arlington Texas

Designed to go deep into God's Word

experiencing the love of the Bridegroom for His Bride individually and as a group.

Begins September 16 6:30 p.m.

Offered on a Donation basis

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Two Opportunities

 Isn't it true that we must first have an adequate experience of God's love to prepare us for an adequate expression of His love? ~1 John 4:19

Kim K Francis has written two books based on the Song of Solomon, Chapters 1 & 2.


One is a Bible Study Workbook and the other is a Devotional based on the Workbook.

Shepherd's Call is offering two opportunities to interact with this material.

These are compatible studies. You are welcome to join one or both.

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Fifty Days in His Pursuing Love

Bridal Grace Group

Fifty Days in His Pursuing Love


by Kim K. Francis

A 50-day study

Online Facebook Group

Designed to share personal insights

in a safe environment

experiencing the Love of the Bridegroom for His Bride individually and as a group.

Ongoing Group

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Study at your own pace

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The Weight of Grace


Next Class begins January 2020

Experience the Freedom!

Seating is limited.

Location: Arlington, Texas

This class is offered on a Donation Basis.

Workbook cost is $15

Count me in!


  • Are you interested in TRANSFORMATION instead of the cycle of DEFEAT-VICTORY-DEFEAT-VICTORY-DEFEAT?
  • Are you beginning to suspect that DIETS are not the SOLUTION but part of the PROBLEM?
  • Don't you think the VICTORIOUS CHRISTIAN LIFE should include the area of eating? Doesn't God want to help you in this, too?
  • In a CONFIDENTIAL small group you will find practical answers that make sense and WORK!
  • NOW is the time to act. You've waited SO long for real answers!

Wouldn't it be more fun if you bring a friend?

January 2020 Weight of Grace Class

A Little More Information


The Weight of Grace Groups - Our Place Or Yours

This class can be brought to your existing group. Let's talk about it!

  • Would you like a fresh start with a grace approach to your relationship with food? 
  • Have you found that diets aren't a lasting solution?
  • Do you suspect there are underlying layers contributing to your struggle?
  • Could you benefit from a confidential small group study where you can find encouragement and share it with others on this journey?


"This study makes you look at grace in a whole new way. I knew about grace but I never thought of applying it to the area of my relationship with food. This is a whole new way to look at my struggle with eating."

"God’s grace is so overwhelming, so incredible, and often so difficult to accept due to the view we have of ourselves. A view that is crafted through cultural experiences and frequently has nothing to do with how the Father sees us."

"While the class does focus on weight, the message in this course is so much more than that.  I recommend Weight of Grace to anyone that has struggled with weight."

"Before this class, my body was always racing. I’d lose weight and gain the weight back. People think they have to diet, but it’s not a diet. It’s a God-given talent. He’s already fixed our body. We are wonderfully made to do anything we’re supposed to do, naturally."

"The best part for me was figuring out that this class wasn't just about our weight but every problem that we have in our lives because the answer in the workbook brought us back to the feet of our Savior Jesus Christ."

"Apart from the Bible, this is the best explanation of the Exchanged Life I have ever read."

The Grace Approach

In the struggle of overeating, some of the things students have previously tried without consistent results include being controlled by outward dieting rules, setting our expectations on what the media and other people tell us we should look like, and the “try harder” method of self-discipline.  

The Weight of Grace, unlike any diet plan or self-help approach, addresses erroneous beliefs about who God is to us, our true identity in Christ, and the empowerment of grace. Self-control (vs. self-discipline) is a fruit of the Spirit. We look at underlying layers of issues developed while trying to cope with life in our own self-sufficiency. Seeing God as a loving participant in each layer brings healing and freedom beyond anything we have ever experienced before.

The Study

  • 14-week class with homework
  • Invite us to bring this class to your group and location.
  • Classes can be coed or women only.
  • Let us know if you might be interested in the next class!

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